Mabel R. Bland
Founder & Owner, Bonsai Enterprises, LLC
Mabel R. Bland Efficiently and Expertly Processes Medical Claims, and Helps Deliver Results

Bonsai Enterprises, LLC provides insurance and patient billing services for family practitioners, internists and pediatricians. Mabel Bland is an expert in the processing of medical claims for private practices, patient billing functions, administration and marketing. Ms. Bland is dedicated to focusing on attaining solutions for patient billing issues, and in her current capacity as owner and founder of Bonsai Enterprises, LLC, Ms. Bland oversees appeals and claim submissions, posts payments and claim inquiries, and manages patient follow-ups and billing initiatives. She is focused on delivering for her clients a successful outcome, and helping them achieve their goals.


Ms. Bland earned a New York State regents diploma from the Bronx High School of Science and went on to earn a diploma in medical claims and billing specialist studies. She is committed to helping providers and business managers to improve insurance verification processes, handle billing issues and process claims, on a hassle-free basis.

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Mabel R. Bland
Bonsai Enterprises, LLC
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